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THRIVE...Positive thinking for dental professionals

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Stress in dentistry has always been a pertinent subject, and never more so with the increasing emphasis on protocols and compliance. According to BDA research 45% of UK dental professionals report feeling unhappy or dissatisfied in their work, while 55% feel highly anxious at work.

Tackle anxiety head on with the help of my one-day workshop 'Power assisted thinking for Dental Professionals' which will help you manage stress and maintain performance in Dentistry’ delivered by psychotherapist Anthony Asquith.

Recognise the signs of occupational burnout and take a proactive approach towards your own wellbeing.

You’ll have tools and strategies to manage stress and achieve a motivated and productive mindset.

Aims of the course include

Helping you cope with the way your brain reacts

Helping you to cope better with uncertainty and retain control.

Deeper understanding of your mind leads to greater calm during adversity

Outcomes of the course will include

Attendees will be able to manage their thinking productively despite adversities

Having a plan for a rounded work life balance

The attendees will also be able to use relaxation techniques to revive and refresh themselves quickly