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The Essentials of Human Behaviour for Leaders in Dentistry

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You don't build a business - you build people - and then people build your business (Zig Ziglar)

A survey of 100 dental professionals in June 2016 revealed that one of their biggest sources of stress (75% of respondents)came from the attitudes and behaviours of staff and patients.

D.I.S.C Personality profiling is a fantastic way of understanding the way you and others work. You'll appreciate as a leader that people need to be led in different ways and why other people's behaviours, comments and attitudes leave you sometimes dumbfounded and how you can begin to adjust and adapt to communicate for a change in your leadership role



Move away from the political back biting in your team and go toward the practice visions

Work more effectively together and reduce stress

Discover more ways to communicate with others and lead more productively


Increased profitability, productivity and added value to your business.

Reduced risk of complaints so you can practice with confidence in your work.

Sharpen your skills to influence and lead others productively.

Avoid unnecessary time being wasted and staff turnover.